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Where to buy high quality 618 E-Pipe

This Chinese pipe exists in different versions. I read on many site that it is a stainless steel construction, but the metal parts are really made of brass, and aluminium, it seems. (Stainless steel can be golden in colour, too, so it is easy to fool people.) The battery connector and the tank connector are also made of brass. I know this, because stainless steel isn't corrosive. The battery connector is flimsy, and I had to screw it back on once. The pipe bowl is made of plastic. The mouth piece is plastic, too (of course, I didn't expect it to be ebonite). The 18350 battery is automatically activated when one inhales. It has a 510 connector. The atomizer is similar to an XL 510 atomizer, such as a CE3, but not quite the same, it seems.

The E pipe 618 functioned as it should, until I dropped it to the floor, when it stopped working. I don't know if it was the inhale detector that broke, or if a wire had come loose from the soldering, which was not a sturdy design. But I didn't bother to fix it, because this e-pipe is garbage, anyway. After having owned it for less than three weeks, using it sparsely, the brass had begun to corrode. (The pipe was new when I bought it.) Below image is the backside of the tank connector. You can see the green corrosion there. (Tanks have a tendency to leak a little).
Imagine how it will look after a year of use. Air is drawn through this hole where the corrosion is. The tank is polycarbonate, which means that it gives off bisphenol-A in room temperature. I suppose the yellow tank metal is brass, too, although it seems corrosion resistant. Anyway, this suspicious metal is always in contact with the liquid, which isn't good, as it could give off lead.

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