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Important Tips For You To Use The X Cube II

You can control the X Cube II Mod completely through the Bluetooth app and your phone. You'll need at least IOS 7 or Android 4.3 system and above to connect your phone, so do make sure you have this on your phone otherwise you can't control the X Cube through the app.

I am not a big fan of the app itself and much prefer to control the device through the box mod itself. However, you will need to change the temperature coefficient and this can only be done through the app.

Important Tip!
Changing the temperature coefficient:
The temperature coefficient is automatically set at 0, so you will need to change this depending on what type of wire you are using in your RDA or atomizer.

If you are using Ni200 (nickel) then the temperature coefficient is around 0.006 so the slider needs to be changed to this setting. If you leave the temperature coefficient as it is, the device won’t work correctly in temperature control mode; at least it didn’t for me.

If you are using Titanium wire, then the temperature coefficient is 0.0038, so slide the slider up to this setting.

When you select your vape in temperature control mode it will actually give you the temperature coefficient on the device, but unfortunately it doesn’t change it automatically to match the coil you are using despite selecting either nickel or titanium. It then has to be done on the app, which is a bit of a pain.

That was the only thing I used the app for and everyone will need to do this if they want the temp control to work properly. Please make sure you have a phone or tablet that has the required operating system!

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