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Squonk Vape+Amazing Flavor! It is asMODus Bunker RDA

Today I want to share with you an exciting Vape, a new product from asMODus, asMODus Bunker RDA.

RDA has always been cloud chaser's favorite vape. Because the RDA structure is simpler, and the shortened vapor program achieves maximum atomization. So what kind of experience does Bunker RDA bring?

Why does everyone like asMODus Bunker RDA?

Made of high-quality stainless steel, Bunker has a stronger material. It uses transparent glass windows to allow us to monitor e-juice consumption and determine if dry burning is occurring. Installation is fairly straightforward, we just need to install the well-made coils on the desk.

The 24k gold-plated posts ensure optimum conductivity and give the best heating performance of the coil. With the 810 drip tip, every puff can get a satisfactory taste and amount of vapor. In addition, it is also equipped with a bottom airflow system! Compared to the above RDA, the asMODus Bunker RDA has many improvements. Its design concept using glass windows is a good solution to the problem that common RDA cannot judge the consumption of e-juice. And the unique design better reflects the user's attitude. Awesome! Who will reject it?

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