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2019 Best Starter Mod - Digiflavor Helix Mod

Hey, I am very happy to meet you again. In 2018, the e-cigarette industry brought us many unexpected high-performance vape, so this year? Everyone is looking forward to bringing something new in 2019, so is this device that we share with you today let us shine? Let's take a look at Digiflavor's Starter Mod, Digiflavor Helix Mod.

What is Digiflavor Helix Mod

The Helix is powered by a single 18650 battery and comes in three different output modes. Digiflavor uses high-quality ABS materials for ultra-lightweight and a more comfortable grip. Helix has a big logo to showcase its identity, and the compact size allows us to take it very well. With a magnetic battery cover, the installation is simpler.

It supports 0.1-3.0 ohm coils and is equipped with a 510 thread that is well compatible with the market's atomizer. Helix Mod doesn't require us to make any complicated settings or adjustments, just press the fire button to vaping. If you want unwanted effects, press the fire button three times in a row to easily switch the output mode. Stylish, easy to use, ultra-lightweight, ergonomic design, smart chip, Helix Mod makes it easy to get the ultimate taste and huge clouds.

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