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Direct Output or TC Mod? Wismec Luxotic MF Box Kit

You Should Know Wismec Luxotic MF

Wismec has always been the preferred brand for Vape enthusiasts. Wismec has won the love of vapers with high quality and high-performance vape. It often brings a lot of exciting products, so what kind of surprise will Wismec Luxotic MF bring to us?

Why i choose Luxotic MF Kit?

On this device with a maximum output of 100W, we will be freer to choose the vaping effect we want. It brings two different motherboards that allow us to switch on our own. One is a direct output motherboard, and the other is an adjustable output motherboard with a display. This means you will get the same power output as a mechanical mod and get a safe experience like TC mode. Of course, it also supports a single 18650/20700 battery or two 18650/20700 batteries. Luxotic MF can be said to be a Vape Mod that allows you to entirely DIY. With Guillotine V2 RDA, you will have lots of fun!

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