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How to Assemble Eleaf iKonn Total ?

1. Drip a few drops of e-liquid directly into the atomizer head to make the coil(s) inside fully saturated before first use;
2. Screw the primed atomizer head onto the atomizer base tightly;
3. Put the glass tube on, and screw the top cap with mouthpiece on;
4. Slide the mouthpiece back to reveal the fill port, slowly fill e-liquid into the tank through the port, and then close the retractable top after filling.
5. The airflow can be adjusted by rotating the airflow control ring on the atomizer base;
6. Finally the ELLO mini XL/ELLO mini is ready for use.
7. Remove the side cover of iKonn Total by sliding it up, screw the prepared ELLO mini with atomizer adapter or ELLO mini XL onto the iKonn Total and finally put the cover back.

Eleaf iKonn Total

1. If you are using the Eleaf iKonn Total Starter Kit, please first screw the ELLO mini atomizer onto the atomizer adapter and then screw them together onto the iKonn Total.
2. Before refilling, if the ELLO mini sits in the iKonn Total in a position where the top part cannot be slided back to refill, you will need to first turn clockwise the ELLO mini to the position where the retractable top can be slided back; if you are using the ELLO mini XL with the iKonn Total, you may need to first unscrew counterclockwise the ELLO mini XL a little up to the position where the retractable top can be slided back to refill.

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