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She Is So Lucky, But Do You Know Why She Is Lucky?

She is lucky, but do you know why she's lucky? Betty is a vaper. She said she used to smoke a lot, and relatives and friends didn't like her. But when she stopped smoking cigarettes and smoked electronic cigarettes, her world changed, and relatives, friends and even strangers were nice to her. She said it was vape that made her lucky. Betty happy every day. Of course, she is indeed a person who has seen the world, so perhaps the general thing to her is no matter. In short, in my eyes, she is a very lovely and lucky girl.
Vape for me, it's a new thing. I used to know it was used to quit smoking. Unexpectedly, in her hands, it became a tool for making friends, and even a fashion. To find pleasure in new something, perhaps it's what I need to learn. She said she recently used a very good mod, and let me try. I introduce to you. It's Eleaf's iKonn 220. The device has a stylish appearance and looks like Betty. The Eleaf iKonn 220 has a maximum wattage of 220W and produces enormous vapor. You can also upgrade its firmware to provide yourself with a good vaping experience. Betty so lucky, I think it's an electronic cigarette for her. Good luck to you.

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