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Designed By Jaybo, Inspired By VWT420

Designed by Jaybo, inspired by VapingWithTwisted420 ,The Wismec RX75 is equipped with a max 75 watt output and variable temperature control settings. Featuring a unique exterior design, all hidden buttons, and a replaceable front cover are major highlights of this intelligent device.

At first glance, there appears to be no firing button nor regulation buttons. Opening up the replaceable front cover exposes the regulation buttons while the entire side of the unit acts as the firing mechanism. Not only does this front cover keep the RX75 looking sleek, but it also protects the OLED display from abrasions. Accessing the battery bay is done through the firing button, which also operates as the magnetic battery panel to install and replace the single 18650 battery this unit requires (batteries sold separately).

Link To buy : http://www.wismec.org/reuleaux-rx75-tc-75w-box-mod.html

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