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Reuleaux RX200 Looks Like A Vey Interesting Mod !

Wismec Reuleaux RX200 Looks like a very interesting mod. 3 replaceable batteries would make it very long lasting. Upgradeable firmware is a plus. It's very ergonomically shaped. I wish there was a pic of the battery area to see how the batteries are installed. Anyone who is lucky enough to get one would also have to purchase new batteries to keep them in married groups for safety purposes. I don't have any experience with the chip set. It would be interesting to see the mod in a hand check or next to something to be able to compare the size visually. It's a very interesting mod.

Want to know more , you can go to Wismec Official Authorized Online Store,  Click http://www.wismec.org/reuleaux-rx200.html

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