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This Will Most Likely Change Your Life For The Better !

Happy 2016, everyone!

So, Do you want to change your Smoking Style . It's time to do it . You're ready for vapor, and vapor is oh so ready for you. Now what? Here are some top tips for acclimating to the vapor side. It doesn't stink, it tastes amazing, and having technology working for you (not against you) will most likely change your life for the better. We're pros at this and can't wait for you to experience the freedom of being away from tobacco smoke!

Choose the Right Vaping Device:

There are a lot of different items to choose from in this market, and devices range from basic e-cigs modeled after traditional cigs in appearance, to powerful vaporizers in pen-style designs, to highly technical, super advanced mods that require you to custom build everything from the electrical circuit to the coils. For beginners, we always suggest an e-cig or basic type of vaporizer, such as the iSmoka Eleaf iStick Basic starter kit . It is totally essential to your success that you choose a vapor device that is comfortable, satisfying, and convenient. Otherwise, it may be very easy to call it quits because one of these aspects just doesn't fit.

Get The Right Nicotine Level

There is a lot of variation in terms of nicotine levels, and it ranges from 0mg to 3.6%. 0 is obviously no nicotine, however 3.6% is extremely strong, and equivalent to the amount of nicotine someone who has smoked 2 packs of cigarettes daily will be accustomed to. 1.8% would be about average for someone used to a pack a day of reds.

Be patient when Buy the device and E-liquid  , you should knwo the official authorized website , and I want to tell you the Eleaf iStick Official Authorized online site is http://www.istick.org

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