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4 Standard Of Men's Mental Health

In Psychology,mental health is the direction of the efforts to health.As the main support their families and society of men. in daily life, we can often through the following four criteria to measure if they are healthy.
1.Know himself
Only know yourself, accept yourself, just can be happy, be healthy.Understand their strengths, we will know their own direction;Understand their own defects, we would like to make a mistake, less to avoid to do some of things.
2.Face the reality
We may not be born in a rich family;May not work well, may encounter many setbacks and tribulations in life...But, we only have to face up to it, accept it all, on this basis, have the possibility of change.Only to recognize the reality, accept the reality, feet on the ground, we can have more harvest
3.Good at with people
People live in a society by others, just like fish live in water, leave the others, to leave the help of others, people will not survive.A psychologist statistics, about 80% of the things of life with your own interpersonal environment.Finding fault with others, often angry to others, the infringement of the interests of others, do not pay attention to interpersonal discretion, will bring endless trouble for yourself.
4.Bear the responsibility
In addition to infant babies, everyone has their own responsibility and work.Children should respect their parents, do what you can, adults should assume the burden of the family and society, means of earning a living and in work is recognized and fun.So, unemployment hit to adult is not only economically, and it is psychological, it can make the person lose sense of worth, with psychological crisis.Able to take responsibility bravely, enjoy your work, is the real mature and healthy people.

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