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Parse a natural anti-acne ingredients


Ancient side-load, ginger, in goods, of heat, with Tongmai, anti-inflammatory effect. Study found that ginger for the treatment of acne has a significant effect, the essence of ginger with Triple A FACIAL formula, its strong bactericidal, anti-inflammatory effect, can quickly kill the acne caused by swelling of the "culprit" acne bacteria, and eliminate acne inflammation, promote healing of acne.


Aloe polysaccharides and vitamins on human skin have good nutrition, moisturizing, whitening effect. Especially the young girls the most troubling acne, aloe to eliminate acne have a good effect. Aloe-emodin and other substances are anthraquinone glycosides, such substances can make the hair soft and shiny, easy and comfortable, and has a role in dandruff.

Witch Hazel

Quickly penetrate the skin, the skin from the inside out comprehensive regulation, balance the skin PH value and oil secretion, clean pores, repair damaged skin, effectively regulate diastolic pores, clear convergence of coarse pores, preventing blackheads, acne production, making skin fast rendering delicate, smooth, compact state.


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