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How to maintain good health in autumn?

1, Healthy diet
In autumn, the diets should be preferably with the efficacies of Yin and Lung nourishing. For the elderly and those with weak stomach function, having congees is an ideal choice. Take more lily root and coixseed congee, tremella and glutinous rice porridge, almond, fritillary bulb and glutinous rice porridge and black sesame porridge, etc. In addition, you should eat some sour fruits and vegetables and less spicy food, which is of great benefit to protecting your liver and lung.

2, Regulate spleen and stomach function
After the beginning of autumn, one should eat less cold food or raw food as far as possible. It is especially the case with those who are weak in spleen and stomach function. One should focus on clearing heat, invigorating spleen and having more food that is easy to digest. Eat less spicy and greasy foods.

3, Autumn drowsiness
Autumn drowsiness appears because of the overly consumption of energy in the summer. It is an protective reaction characterized by tiredness, lack of power and depression, etc. The best way is to properly take exercises step by step and keep sufficient sleep.

4, Prevent dryness
The rainfall in autumn is small and the air tends to be very dry. In such condition, there is likely to be excessive heat left in the body and cause skin dryness, sore throat and cough etc. It is favorable to take more Yin-nourishing foods such as tamarind, passion fruit, pears, sugar cane, water chestnut, lily, tremella, etc.

5, Prevent colds
Pay attention to the weather changes and change your clothes accordingly. The indoor temperature is preferably 25 ℃ ~ 27 ℃.

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