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Go easy squeezing the toothpaste

The hazards of squeezing too much toothpaste for cleaning each time:
Inducing oral cancer
There are several kinds of active ingredient in toothpaste that we should worry about. The widely used chemicals in toothpaste "sodium lauryl sulfate" is considered to cause gastrointestinal and liver toxicity, and cause oral fester, resulting in oral cancer. The abrasive agent in toothpaste can also damage gum, so it is important to note not to squeeze too much toothpaste at a time.

Causing fluorine poisoning.
Fluorosis poisoning is likely to happen to children as they have poor self-control over themselves. And prone to swallow the toothpaste. In this case, the intake of fluoride may be very high so as to cause higher fluorine content in the body. Once the researchers conducted a test on children aged 3 to 6 in a kindergarten concerning the quantity of toothpaste swallowing. The results show that children aged 3 to 4 swallow down quite a large amount of toothpaste when they are cleaning. The biggest quantity has reached 80% of the toothpaste they squeeze. If fluorine content inside body is high, it will cause the poisoning and variation of ameloblastic cells and cause dental fluorosis. Adults mainly absorb the fluorine through oral mucosa, so the absorption of fluorine in toothpaste is little , which will not cause too much damage.

The amount of fluoride toothpaste to take every time had better not be more than 1 cm. Children had better not use fluoride toothpaste, or if they must, it should be under the guidance of parents. Fluoride is a highly toxic substance, if the body absorbs too much of it, it can cause fluorine poisoning. Regulations have it that the free fluorine in fluoridate toothpaste should be between 400 to 1200 PM. Children before the age of 3 ~ 4 should avoid fluoride toothpaste, because 1/8 ~ 1/4 of the toothpaste can be ended up in their mouth.

Quantity tip: Generally adult should take half the length of the toothbrush and children the size of a soy bean.

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