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Earlier Parkinson's symptoms besides shaking

Loss of the sense of smell. This may be a manifestation of nerve cell degeneration. Nearly half of the patients with such symptoms in the early days have neglected them.

Constipation. This is a very common symptom of Parkinson's disease manifested in slow bowel peristalsis and defecation difficulty. This is because the autonomic nerve are affected. There is involuntarily drooling, perspiration and abnormal lipid secretion which lead to constipation. At the terminal stages, Parkinson's disease patients often suffer from slow systemic activity and stiffness which can affect the bowel movement and aggravate constipation. In addition, the alkali resisting cholesterol drugs dopamine drugs commonly used for the treatment of Parkinson's disease have the side effect of causing constipation.

Sleep disorders. Sleeping disorders of the Parkinson's disease patients are characterized by difficulty falling asleep, nightmares, kicking the quilt, easy wake-up, etc. They patients, under the guidance of doctors, can take levodopa controlled release agent. If at the same time one has "restless legs syndrome", dopamine agonists can be taken before going to bed. If after adjusting Parkinson's drugs, the sleep disorders are still there, one can take some sleeping pills.

Moreover, restlessness, inattention, depression, fatigue and anxiety are all common symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

Drugs and brain pacemaker are the major means of treatment for Parkinson's disease. When the patients' have mental symptoms, anticholinergic drugs such as amantadine, dopamine agonist, and compound levodopa should be taken less or stopped. For the those cannot be alleviated by medicine, antipsychotic drugs can be added in.

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