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Why are white-collars predisposed to mammary gland hyperplasia?

1, Mental factors
In recent years, epidemiological survey of mammary gland hyperplasia reveals that more sufferers are from cities. The more rapid the development of the society, the greater the competition. With greater pressure, the endocrine can be easily put in disorder. Plus the adverse social factors, the influence of all kinds of temptation and desire, a person can be put into high tension. This kind of situation can always lead to depression, unsmooth blood circulation. Modern medicine holds that mammary gland hyperplasia is mainly caused by endocrine hormone imbalance. This point has attained the consensus of the academia.

2, dietary factors,
poor eating habits
Three meals a day and work after and rest after sunrise are the nature of human. However, the nightlife of the current young women is very colorful. Skipping breakfast and irrgular eating and living habits over time can cause endocrine disorders, leading to mammary gland hyperplasia.

(2)Unreasonable diet
In recent years, a variety of hot pot becomes especially popular and various kinds of snacks also become popular. It is alright to have them occasionally but if it is long-term consumption, it can easily cause endocrine metabolic disorder and induce mammary gland hyperplasia.

(3) Food contamination, food safety problem has become a major concern nowadays. Some potential harm is becoming more and more obvious.

3, environmental factors
Automobile exhaust, corporate waste gas and waste water are all around. Environmental pollution threatening people's health more and more.

4, and other factors
Uncured acute mastitis during nursing, abortion and long-term administration of oral contraceptives all can cause the endocrine disorder, progestational hormone metabolism disorder, inducing mammary gland hyperplasia.

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