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Tomatoes help you get rid of unwanted fat

Tomatoes contain rich pectin and other food fiber, which makes it easy to let you feel the fullness in the stomach. The fiber cannot be absorbed by the intestines and it can take away some of the fat stored in the body. The lycopene in tomatoes can reduce quantity of heat absorption decrease adipose accumulation and supplement a variety of vitamins. The quantity of heat is very low in tomatoes. Every 100 grams of tomatoes contain only 16 kilocalories. You won't get fat even if you eat much.

Tomatoes are rich in vitamins, among which vitamin B group can promote fat metabolism; Citric acid and malic acid can eliminate fatigue and strengthen blood vessels; Having a medium sized tomato can supplement you with the vitamin C demand for the whole day.  The minerals inside can protect you from dry skin due to weight loss.

The unique sour taste of tomatoes can also stimulate the gastric secretion, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and let the food fiber in the intestines absorb more redundant fat and wastes. For people with poorer physical building, they can choose to have the heated tomatoes or tomato juice.

It is recommended to have an tomato before meals as the food fiber in it cannot be absorbed by the human body. It can effective give you the feeling of fullness in the stomach and stop you from overeating. It can also stop your body from absorbing fat, which is very conducive to your weight loss.  Although tomato is helpful for reducing weight, its nutrition mainly is vitamin C, so the best to have tomatoes for the purpose of reducing weight is replacing your supper with tomatoes. You can have regular food for the first two meals in the day. You can control your calorie intake within around 1400.

Compared with raw tomatoes, cooked tomatoes have higher lycopene and antioxidant concentration. This is because the high temperature damages the cell walls of tomatoes, thereby increasing the lycopene and antioxidant release. In addition, in the cooking process, we often use peanut oil, salad oil and vegetable oil. The oil helps release the fat soluble antioxidant in the lycopene and give full play to the antioxidant effect.

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