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Stay away from lung cancer

In our daily life, there are many factors which can increase the risk of us developing lung cancer. If we can be conscious and avoid them, we can lower the risk of developing lung cancer.

Tobacco has hundreds of kinds of harmful substances. These substances, through more than 20 years stimulation may become the primary onset factors of lung cancer. The death of more than 85% of the patients with lung cancer were associated with smoking.

Air pollution and environmental pollution are two main factors for the high incidence of lung cancer in our country. Areas with excessive PM2.5 can cause greater harm to human than tobacco as PM2.5 can be directly inhaled in the alveoli and further goes into the blood stream.

Indoor air
Indoor air includs second-hand smoke, decoration pollution, kitchen lampblack pollution and fuel gas. The gas itself is harmful. If we expose to it too often, we will be affected inevitably.

Those who are always in bad mood and get angry easily have a greater risk of cancer. This is applicable to all cancers, so for sure lung cancer, too.
If the patients with lung cancer can be diagnosed at early stages, not only can it get better treatment effect, but also survival duration will be improved significantly. Currently, detection for early lung cancer is low dose spiral CT. Take examination at least once a year can save 20% of the patients.

Unfortunately, due to the poor awareness of public for lung cancer screening. Most patients are at terminal stage when they are diagnosed with lung cancer.

At present, gene detection in the treatment of advanced lung cancer has become the important basis of cancer treatment. Under the guidance of genetic testing, targeted therapy will bring more opportunities to patients. Therefore, patients with advanced lung cancer should have genetic tests, once there is positive EGFR mutation, individualized treatment will be required.

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