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Obstabcles to your weight loss


Insufficient sleep
90 percent of the weight loses cannot insist on sleeping on time. So they will end up sleeping late in the morning and skipping their breakfast, which is a quite unhealthy living habit. Sleeping on time and having good breakfast is very important in weight loss.
Warm living condition
In the cold days, the calories in our body keep us warm. In the places where there is air-conditioned, the temperature is warm, so accordingly the calory consumption will drop.


Some medicines are associated with weight gain. A study on oral contraceptives finds out that the users’ weight will be increased. Those who take antidepressants, beta receptor blockade medicine and antihistamines can also have weight increase.
Women after 35 weight is very easy to increase
The body weight of women after 35 weight is very easy to increase. From menopause on, there will be hormones and metabolic changes.

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