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Ill habits that make you fat

If you used to be a very diligent person but all of a sudden you have become lazy and listless every day when you working or doing other things. You want to do a lot of things while you are too tired to do them. If there isn't any other problem with your body, the it is probable that obesity is knocking at your door.

If your sleep is particularly sweet and you always want to sleep for more after you ahve already slept for long and keep yawning repeatedly, your obese period is probably on the way excluding the possibility of fatigue.

Staying sedentary
If you used to love sports and then have gradually lost the interest in doing sports. You tend to stay sedentary all the time and don't want to move. This might be a sign of obesity.

Your appetite increases greatly and always feel like eating. If you are not suffering from  hyperthyroidism or diabetes which can increase your appetite it means that obesity is around the corner.

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