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Ways to eat that don't make you fat

1, give priority to rice
Rice with vegetables, tofu and fish can easily gives you fullness. In addition, the nutrition is balanced. You are less likely to get fat than eating pasta such as bread and cakes.


2, breakfast is the most important
In Japanese culture, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Japanese women prepare a rich and healthy breakfast for their family every morning. Breakfast is not only important, and it does not make you fat easily.


3, Five kinds of food that you must eat every week
In Japan, most of Japanese cuisine are made out of fish, beans, rice, vegetables and fruits. These foods can offer the nutrition that you need and at the same time won't make you gain weight.
4, hold the food with small dishes
When you see a lot of small dishes in front of you, you will have a feeling that you there is much food and in your subconscious mind, you will tell yourself to eat less. This helps to control your food intake effectively thus cut down your weight or curb you from gaining weight.


5, simplify the cooking methods
Simple ways of cooking and preparing the food can conserve more nutrition in the food. If the cooking methods vary much, it also means that there will be more nutrition loss in the process.

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