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Things you should not put near your bed

Back cushion
Some people like to put a back cushion in the bed and put it aside the pillow you sleep on in the bed when sleeping. This can affect cervical vertebra and sleep quality. First of all, the most suitable pillow height is 10 to 12 cm. Back cushion piling together with the pillow can increase its height; Second, the cushion can hide some pathogenic microorganisms, mites and dust.  It can easily induce bronchial problems if they are inhaled through breathing; Finally, scatter obstacles in the bed can cause psychological pressure and take up space, making it uncomfortable for people to sleep.

Alarm clock.
Waking up with a startle along with the sound of your alarm clock can cause chronic stress, makes leading to high blood pressure, poor sleep quality, depression and other issues. The alarm clock had better keep a 1.8-meter distance or farther from the bed. 

Green plants.
Green plants can purify the air, increase oxygen and relieve tension. However, aat night, the green plant will take up the oxygen in the air and emit carbon dioxide. Over time, it is easy to make people difficult to enter deep sleep due to hypoxia environment and cause persistent fatigue. In addition, the soil can be be abound with a large number of mold that can cause you respiratory diseases such as allergies or asthma. If you need green plants, you can put hydroponic plants or a cactus plants. 

Electronic appliances.
Any electrical appliances should be far away from the bed. Some electrical appliances, although of small sizes, can produce significant radiation. Fro example, radio, mobile phone,.small mosquito lamp and so on. If you really need them, it is better to put them in corner far away from the bed. Lug plate must be at least 2 meters away from the bed, or when the electricity is on, the radiation gets bigger and affect one's health.

Plush toys.
The surface of plush toys can easily hidden dust, bacteria and formaldehyde. Some plush toys of poor quality are stuffed with harmful chemical fiber which can easily cause tears, erythema or respiratory and skin infections. Do not put any plush toy in the bedroom, especially do not let the children to sleep with it.  

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