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Foods good for radiation or cancer prevention

1, Algae food (including kelp, laver, wakame, etc.) contain much cellulose which can promote intestinal peristalsis. It is conducive discharging of harmful substances. The blood of cancer patients is acidic.  Inorganic salts such as calcium-rich algae can adjust and balance the ph value of blood. In addition, often having algae is good for the prevention and treatment of goiter and  constipation.

2, Tomato 

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C. They can enhance disease-resistant ability, stimulate human body to generate anticancer interferon, prevent the absorption of carcinogenic nitrosamines.

3, Mushroom 

Mushroom contains low calories, high protein and high fiber. The cellulose in it can absorb cholesterol, prevent constipation, expel the toxins and harmful substances. So it is conducive for prevention of hypercholesterolemia, constipation, and cancer.

4, Green onion 

Green onion contains quercetin which is one of the most powerful natural anti-cancer substances known. It inhibits the activity of a variety of carcinoma and prevent the growth of cancer cells.

5, Whole grains 

 Whole grain bread is more healthy than white bread. According to the study of Harvard covering 38000 women. Eating foods high in sugar can let the blood sugar rise rapidly, thereby increasing the risk of colorectal cancer.

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