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Do not take carrot with alcohol

Carrot contains a lot of carotene. If it is taken together with alcohol, it can produce toxins in the liver, endangering the health. As a result, people should change the bad eating habits of taking carrots with alcohol. Also, do not take food containing carotene with liquor.


Studies showed that carrot has the effect of lowering blood sugar. The carrots, after extracted by petroleum ether, can generate A yellow substance which has good effect on lowering blood sugar.  For smokers, eating carrots often can significantly lower the risk of developing cancer.

Carrots contain much carotene which can be converted into vitamin A in the intestinal tract. If the body lacks vitamin A, one is susceptible to dry eyes, nyctalopia and dry skin or affect bone growth. Besides that carrots can't taken with alcohol, there are a few foods which also should stay away from alcohol. 

Bean jelly:  
Alum is added in the process of making bean jelly. Alum has the function of slowing down gastrointestinal peristalsis. Taking bean jelly with alcohol will extend the duration alcohol staying in the stomach and intestines and increase the absorption of alcohol. At the same time, it also has increased the stimulation of alcohol on the stomach and intestines, slowed down blood flow velocity, prolonged the stagnation time of alcohol in the blood, make people drunk and pose hazard to one's health.

Smoked or preserved food contain much nitrosamine and pigment which can react with alcohol, hurt the liver and induce cancer. 

Barbecue: In the process of barbecue, the utilization of food proteins decrease. Carcinogen benzopyrene can also be generated. The nucleic acid in meat, after being heated and gene mutations can be decomposed into new substances which are carcinogenic. When drinking too much and there is increase in lead levels, the carcinogenic substance combining with barbecue can induce tumors in digestive tract tumor.  


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