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Three taboos of taking showers

Some people like to take showers much so they do it three times a day. A shower in the right way can give you a lot of health benefits, but if you are doing it wrong, there will be adverse effects. Under what conditions is it unfavorable to take a shower then? Now let's take a look.

You should not take a shower with your stomach full

If you go for a shower immediately after meals, the vessels in the skin will get stimulated by hot water and expand. More blood will flow to the skin. The blood supplies to the abdominal cavity blood is relatively less. This can affect the digestion and absorption, causing hypoglycemia and even collapse. Generally speaking, it is better to wait one or two hours after a meal before you take a shower.

There can be many negativities in showering with cold water

If the water temperature for a shower is too low, the body will feel cold, leading to a series of stress reaction, such as accelerated heart rate, increased blood pressure, muscle contraction, nerve tension, etc. Instead of eliminating your fatigue, it is easy to cause a cold. So, when you are going to take a shower, you should avoid water of temperature too low as far as possible.

It is advisable to take a bath two hours before sleep

Many people have the habit of taking a shower right before they go to bed. This is actually not so good. It is best to take a shower 2 hours before sleep. If you have no choice but to do so, then you should compress your forehead with a cold towel for 5 minutes as as to restore your body temperature to normal level and then go to sleep soon.

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