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Headaches can be caused by eating ice-cream in summer

Summer season is the high-incidence season of headaches. Some headaches occur only in summer, some people can even have a headache after eating an ice cream.
Headaches in summer are mostly headache caused by high blood pressure, nervous headache and vascular headache. Patients suffering from high blood pressure should pay special attention in summer as the raise in temperature can lead to increased blood pressure.

Outbreaks of headache after eating ice-cream generally happen after 30 seconds to 60 seconds after swallowing down the ice-cream or cold beverages. The aching spot is in the middle of the forehead. There will be 10 seconds to 20 seconds' stinging pain. In some rare cases, it will last for about 25 minutes. This kind of headaches only occur in the hot weather, usually after eating ice cream or other frozen foods or drinks. This is because when the cold drinks go into the mouth, intense stimulation can be brought to the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. This can make the head and facial muscles and blood vessels contract, causing radioactive pain in the nerves.

When having iced foods, one should pay attention to keep the jaw from contacting the food. Do not have frozen food or drinks too fast. Those who have history of headache attacks should eat as little ice cream or cold drinks as possible. Once the attack comes, you can massage your head repeatedly with your hands to ease the pain caused by the sudden contraction of blood vessels and muscles. If there is a severe headache, then you should take some pain-killers such as asprin under the doctor's guidance.

Air conditioning can be another cause of headache, stiff neck, poor mental state. The temperature should be controlled at 25 ℃ to 26 ℃.

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