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Foods that smoothen your skin

Sweet potato has the effect of moisturizing the skin, making the rough skin become smooth. Sweet potato, like other slippery vegetables, contains protein composition and various enzymes with nourishing and strenthing effect. These elements can activate cell function, promote metabolism, strengthen gastrointestinal function, promote digestion and improve roughness of the skin caused by constipation.

Lotus root can keep the face burnish
Lotus root is rich in vitamin C and minerals. It is well known for its hemostatic effect. Recent studies have revealed that it is good for the heart. It can promote metabolism and prevent skin roughness. Lotus and lotus seed porridge is of better efficacy. Just add 30 grams of lotus root s to cook with the seeds.

Black fungus is good for treatment of rough skin caused by constipation. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and has the effect of the purifying blood which is very beneficial for the skin. Ever since the ancient times in China, it is regarded as the food for longevity, nourishing, strengthening and conditioning. Black fungus contains a considerable amount of food fiber as well which is very suitable for skin roughness and dryness caused by consumption caused by constipation.

Plum is good for keratinized skin treatment. Plum is good for a variety of utilities. If you use it externally, it can improve the skin roughness. The salted plum wine is of special good effect. Put 2 to 3 plums into the spirits and soak them for a week. When taking a shower, you can apply some to your skin and do some moderate massage. Then skin will be improved. It is especially good for dry and keratinized skin.

Sesame seeds are good for dry and rough skin
It is said that empress dowager cixi is very much fond of having sesame with the aim of maintaining her beauty. Even now, women also like to drink sesame and honey water. In fact, from the perspective of modern nutrition, sesame seed is rich in linoleic acid and vitamin E and can improve peripheral vascular disorders, making the skin delicate and tender. If you are trouble by skin dryness, then you cannot miss it.

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