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Wrong acts in using washing machine

1, washing clothes with the same basin of water
When some people wash their clothes, they usually wash the underwear first, and then the garment, then socks and others with the same basin of water for the sake of saving water. Some clothes may be clean but some will be cross polluted. It is especially important to mind not to wash the socks with underwear as it will cause great thread to your health and cause vagina diseases.

2, overuse of detergent
Many people think clothes are too dirty and detergent are cheap so they tend to use excessive detergent. If the rinsing time is not sufficient, there will be residual detergents in the clothes. Most detergents contain alkyl benzene compounds which have certain stimulation to the skin. They can also affect the liver function.

3, Washing all the clothes together
Some people put all the laundry into the washing machine as it is convenient to do so. In the washing process of the washing machine, there will much mcuh when the washing machine is spinning. The bacteria, color and fiber falling off will inevitably lead to cross pollution. The clothes you send to the cleaner's are even more complicated. They can be from the healthy ones', sick ones' or even the ones of those who have infectious diseases.

4, Not cleaning the washing machine for long
Some people never wash the washing machine. As long as the washing machine is still in function, they will not bother to clean or do not realize to clean it. So the wall of the drain is full of dust and dirt, causing a lot of viruses and bacteria. In the washing process, the dirt and bacteria will pollute the clothes.

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