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Keep three good habits before going to sleep

Some simple movement before sleep helps with your bowel movement he next day
Lie in the bed, lift up your legs and doing massage for them. Keep your legs up or lean them against the wall. This helps slim you legs.
Then lie on your back with your legs suspending in mid-air with an 90-degree, 45 -degree and 30-degree angle. Keep still for 30 seconds to 1 minute for each angle. This helps shape the thigh muscles.
You can also lie on your front in the bed with your legs near to your chest and breasts near to the thigh root, hands stretching to the ears, elbow and palm to the bed. This action can help with your bowel movement the next day.

Feet soaking helps promote blood circulation
Foot is the part farthest from the heart which cannot get the oxygen and blood easily. In the winter time, it will becomes more difficult as the blood vessels will be stimulated bu the coldness and contract, making it hard for blood supplying. But, foot is where many of the acupuncture points are. If the blood supply is insufficient, it will affect the function of liver, kidneys, and other parts. So, before going to bed take a foot bath helps to promote blood circulation and accelerate metabolism.

Comb the hair with your fingers
As we know, the head has several important acupuncture points on. Through combing, you can stimulate the points and achieve the efficacies of massage. After this, you can massage the scalp gently from the earhinds to the top of head. Do this for 30 times until you feel mild stinging feeling. This action could help unclog the brain blood, let the brain get enough oxygen, improve memory, protect the root of hair, strengthen hair follicles and eliminate fatigue.

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