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Electrolyte drinks should not be had blindly

Electrolyte drinks should not be had blindly

Many people have the habit of bringing a bottle of functional drinks when they go working out. It seems that it has become the habit of a lot of sports fans. However, the "MSNBC website in the Us recently published an article pointing out that most of the time , you may not need all these drinks like electrolyte drinks and enhancement sexual drinks.

Sports drinks cannot be taken whenever as one wants. If one has this kind of drink when it is not necessary, it may cause damage to the body. Besides water, functional beverages also contain glucose, sodium and potassium, etc. These substances are only necessary after there is great loss. If there isn't loss of sodium, potassium and other solutes after movement and you take a lot of functional drinks, it can increase the content of sodium, potassium, affecting the water and electrolyte balance.

One should be really careful in supplementing water after sports as the intensity, duration and weather will make differences. The most simple way is to judge according to the weight. Dehydration is a major cause of weight loss after movement, so we can go with the method of measuring the weight in order to calculate the dehydration ratio of the body weight. When the dehydration amount is less than 1% of the body weight, you will feel mild thirst. At this time, you only need to drink ordinary water; When it accounts for 2% to 3% of the body weight, let's take for example that your body weight is 50 kilograms of and there is 1-1.5 kg of weight loss, you need to complement salt water with concentration less than 0.9% ; Only when the weight loss is more than 4% do you need to take sports drinks. After sports, there is much consumption of water, electrolyte, a large number of materials such as sodium and potassium. Sports drinks can help restore the function of the body.

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