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Foods that are conducive to your weight loss

1. Vegetables
Including: fresh, canned vegetables(no seasoning, fat, sugar or other additives) , ketchup.
Note: The vegetables can't be non-core food combination(such as Fried vegetables and legumes, oil-immersed vegetables, glace vegetables ); Vegetable juice does not belong to the core food.

2. Fruit
Including: fresh, canned fruit (sugar-free).
Note: if the fruits are canned, they must be soaked with water or pure fruit juice (non- sugary water) , the juice can't be had; Dried fruit (dried apricot, peach or banana etc.) cannot be regarded as core food; Juice is not core food.

3. Soup
Including: fresh, frozen and canned light soup (no seasoning, fat, sugar or other additives).
Note: the thick western cream soup and concentrated broth are not core food.

4. Skim milk and other milk replacer
Including: skim milk, skimmed cheese, degreasing sugar-free yogurt; Soya-bean milk, bean curd and additive-free legume food.
Note: All the products made out of the ingredients above should be low-sugared and low-carbonated. It is acceptable to have them once on a daily basis.

5. Eggs and its substitutes
Including: whole egg, protein and artificial substitutes.
Note: all kinds of eggs provide high quality protein, but pay attention not to fry them.

6. Staple food (grain)
Includeing: whole grains, grains kind, rice and potato kind; Amyloid beans.
Note: not including biscuits, instant noodles, cake and Fried staple food.

7. Bean products
Including: fresh, frozen, and any other form of green peas, beans, bean curd, soya-bean milk.
Note: soya-bean milk should be without sugar.

8. Fish and other seafood
Including: fresh, frozen, and any other form.
Note: If you buy the canned fish or other seafood, pat attention not to choose the ones that are oil-immersed or deep-fried.

9. Poultry: chicken, duck, goose, cattle, sheep, pork
Including: the meat should be the part with low fat content
Note: choose the lean part if possible, try to get rid of the fat that you can see. All the salted foods such as sausage, and bacon, etc do not belong to the core food.

10. Cooking oil and seasoning
Including: vegetable oil that does not contain trans fatty acids, nonfat salad sauce, any form of spices, condiments.
Note: every day you shall include 2 teaspoons of palm oil, olive oil, sunflower seed oil.

11. Drink
Including: sugar-free coffee, tea (no sugar), sugar-free soft drinks, soda water (sugar-free), water.
Note: alcoholic drinks do not belong to the core food.

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