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Tips on slimming through running in winter

Do stretch exercises first
You may be too eager to lose weight and start to run the minute you finish wearing your shoes. But this is not actually a good way for your weight loss. You should know that your body energy is divided into quick energy and reserve energy. Only when there is enough fast energy consumption will your reserve "fat" begin burning. That is, if you are not in very sound physical condition, you may get tired very easily before the fat burning even starts. So, if you want to burn some fat effectively, you should do some simple stretch exercises or some relaxation exercises to for warm-up before you start running. In doing this, you can avoid injuries and consume a part of the glycogen before hand. When you start running after this, your fat burning rate will be improved greatly.

Have some fruit juice after running
Experts recommend that after running, it is better to have some fresh fruit juice instead of water or sports drinks. In doing this, you can effectively make up the water loss as well as supplement a variety of vitamins and minerals. More importantly, sour muscles, muscle pain and discomforts can also be alleviated. This is because the juice contains natural anti-inflammatory nutrients.

Select a comfortable pair of running shoes
Don't just put on a random pair of shoes to go for running. Or the weigh loss effect will be affected. What's worse, the might even hurt the vulnerable toes and soles when you are running. shoes would go running, or thin body effect will be at a discount, and may even harm to women vulnerable toes and foot. It is suggested that you choose the damping shoes which can suit your feet perfectly. It can ease the vibration that running bring to your feet, legs, and even the brain.

Don't run every day
Although jogging is beneficial to keep a healthy and thin body, but experts do not advise to run everyday . It is better go go for running every other day. As for the intermediate days that you do not run, you can do some simple stretchings at home in oder to enhance the elasticity of your body. This is very important as it can promote the body's metabolism. It can also avoid accumulation of excessive fat and water in the limbs.

Don't think run too fast
Don't have the myth that the faster you run, the more fat you will burn. On the contrary, when you run fast, the oxygen in the body is in short supply, the body is doing anaerobic exercise, the fat can not fully participate in combustion, so it cannot be consumed. How can you tell that you are running too fast or how can you tell that you are doing aerobic or anaerobic exercise with your current running speed? The simplest method is, if you feel out of breath when you are running, that means you are doing anaerobic exercise; If you are running with the coordination of evenly breathing, and you can even have a chat with the people running beside you, it means that you are doing aerobics which can promote your fat burning .

Run longer than twenty minutes
In theory, with the premise of fully warm-up, jogging for twenty minutes has prepared you for the burning of the fat that is stored in your body. If you stop at this time, it means that you have given up all the exercise that you do for the twenty minutes and the fat burning purpose you want can not be achieved. The recommended running time is forty minutes.

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