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How to deal with your pimples?

1, It can take very long to treat the pimples, especially for some special skin as there will be more difficulties. According to clinical discoveries, those who suffer from acnes mostly have oily skin. That is to say, to treat acnes, we should first deal with the oily skin. Experts remind that during the treatment, the patients should have enough patience. If you give up easily, it means all your efforts before has come to zero. What's more, during the treatment session, you should also pay attention to emotional regulation.

2, When you have pimples on your face, you should consciously avoid much sunlight, especially in the whelk rehabilitation period. Avoid direct exposure to th sun, or it will only hinder the pimples from recovering. Good living habits is beneficial to the recovery. For example, they should ensure sufficient sleep during the treatment period. Sleep quality has great impact on the acne removing effect. Sleep doesn't not purely mean rest. Good sleep quality awards with a healthy body and good skin.

Eating taboos:

1, Do not eat much seafood which can induce breakouts. Food like fish, shrimp, mutton, shellfish food easy to induce acne. So you should mind not to eat much, and also, you should not eat the some food with much heat such as leek, cattle, sheep, dog, etc. They will also aggravate the condition.

2, eat less food with high sugar content. Avoid sweet food such as chocolate and all kinds of candy, as the sugar in the body can be converted into fat and fat and can increase the secretion of sebum. Sebum secretion will cause all kinds of physiological changes and induce pimples.

3, Avoid heavy meals. Eat more fresh vegetables and less spicy food including , for spicy food thick taste not to eat or eat less, including stimulating food such as onion, raw garlic and chili peppers. Avoid liquor, strong tea and coffee, etc. Spicy food can increase male hormone secretion , which stimulates more sebum secretion of sebaceous glands , and sebum secretion increase is the major reason for the occurrence or aggravation of pimples.

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