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How to deal with Long Holiday Syndrome?

After the Spring Festival holiday, many workers have been suffering from the "holiday syndrome". Long Holiday Syndrome is not disease in a real sense. Through some adjustment, the syndrome can be alleviated, generally in 3 to 7 days. If you cannot restore yourself, you may need to go to the hospital for professional advices so as not to affect the body health.

Long Holiday Syndrome is the most common psychological and physiological problem, main show as fatigue, drowsiness, wandering mind, anorexia, fear, loneliness, or even dizziness, thirsty, agitation,abdominal pain and diarrhea etc. Treatment of holiday syndrome is mainly a physiological and psychological one. You should have reasonable arrangement of your work and rest time and ensure sufficient sleep. Have more light meals as you have had very heavy food during the holidays. You may also gain some weight after the holidays due to the binge. Do more exercises such as jogging, brisk walk to make you sweat and fasten your metabolism. In this way, your normal biological clock will be back. The fatigue will be gone. You can get back in track soon.

After the long holiday, most workers are not able to get back into their working mode immediately. They will instinctively have the fear and anxiety for work. So the workers should adjust their mentality as early as possible in order to get themselves back to work. Once there is they feel nervous, worried or fed up with work, can drink some tea, you can have some coffee or tea and do some deep breaths to help refresh you. Taking a shower in the morning before you go to office is a good way to keep your refreshed as it can eliminate body metabolic wastes, make the blood capillaries dilate and effectively eliminate fatigue.

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