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How to get slim fast by drinking soya-bean milk

Before or during meals
In the process of soya-bean milk being digested and absorbed, it will constantly play the weight losing role. SO it is better to have it during the meals. If you want to reduce your food intake by using soy milk to give the feeling of fullness in the stomach. The best time to have soy milk is when your muscles have the most activities. When it is in the evening, your activities tend to be less, so the fat is more likely to accumulate. We should try to avoid having soy milk at the time of the day.

Drink 1 to 2 cups per day or cook the also cook the soybeans for dishes. Except having soya-bean milk directly, we can also cook the soybeans for meals. If you want to achieve better weight loss results, it is suggested that every day drinking 1 to 2 cups of soy milk. In addition the process of digestion and absorption of soya-bean milk, absorption of lipid and carbohydrate can be inhibited, so it is a good idea to have soybeans together with the other food. But you should also mind to to have too much soy milk as it also contains certain calories.

Collocation with fiber
If you feel having sugar-free soybean milk is a little dull and boring, you ca try add some sesame powder, soybean powder, green soybean powder or fruits into the soy milk. In this way, the soy milk will taste better. What's more, in the process of making soy milk, a lot of food fiber has lost. So if it goes together with food that is rich in fiber such as cocoa and soybean powder, it can improve the fullness and make you less hungry. It is very beneficial to your weight loss.

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