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Burn more fat through having Puer tea

The puer tea after fermentation is commonly known as ripe tea. Raw puer tea, similar to green tea and oolong tea, can't be drunk with an empty stomach. Ripe tea is rich in a large number of trace elements, polypeptide amino acids and minerals which can reduce the negative stimulation to an empty stomach aw well as the intestines so the discomforts from drinking raw tea will be avoided. For those who have frequent constipation toxin discharging difficulties, having ripe tea is the best and the most rapid way to reduceweight.

When brewing the tea, water of 100 degrees is required. Wash the tea for three times and then keep the water of th forth time for drinking. Drink a cup of 200 ml of warm ripe puer tea with your stomach empty when you get up in the morning. 1-2 hours later you will fell like having bowel movement. Gradually you will form the good habit of defecate in the morning. Have a cup of ripe puer tea i hour before lunch and supper can not only help clear bowel but also increase the fullness in the stomach which will reduce staple food intake. The weight reducing is almost immediate.

Raw tea is the puer tea that has short or no fermentation . The main substance in raw tea that can reduce weight is the rich tea polyphenols. Experts have conducted experiment which has proved that tea polyphenols can inhibit the synthesis and differentiation of fat cells and maintain the stability of fat and sterol content in the blood.

The best time to have raw tea is one hour after meals.It can accelerate digestion of the food, promote the toxin discharging. Raw tea has unique fat removal effect. It has very good deep cleaning effect on the toxins adhered to the itestines for long.

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