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Slimming through feet soaking

Soaking feet has the function of clearing and activating the channels and collaterals. The weight reducing effect that it brings is very satisfactory. All that you need to do is to soak you feet in the hot water for as long as 15 - 20 minutes every day.

Modern people often hide themselves in the air conditioned room. Their eating habits are usually irregular and imbalanced, plus the invisible life pressure, it is easy to cause poor blood circulation and further lead to oedema. And lack of exercise will only make things worse, especially for girls. They are more likely to suffer from oedema and obesity in the lower body. Feet soaking method is especially suitable to do during the winter time. It help to both keep your body warm and accelerate the fat burning rate.

Law in feet soaking: At the beginning, you will feel the warmth coming to your soles. After a few minutes, your whole body will feel warm and you may even feel like sweating as the blood circulation becomes faster. The coldness in your body and be expel and toxins can be discharge outside the body. The endocrine balance can be kept and weight losing purpose can be achieved. But the benefits that feet soaking brings is much more than weight loss. It can also eliminate symptoms such as insomnia, headache and other physical discomforts.

1, pour hot water of Celsius 41 ~ 42 degrees in the bucket until the water gets 15 ~ twenty centimeters deep. If you are not too sure about the temperature, you had better use a thermometer for measurement or just keep it the temperature that you ca endure. You can add some essence oil or bath salt in the water.
2, sit in a comfortable chair, put your feet into the bucket and keep them in for 15 ~ 20 minutes.
3, when the water temperature gradually becomes cooler, add some more hot water in and continue soaking. Be careful not to get touched by the hot water you add in to avoid scald.

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