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Meal skipping isn't that necessary in weigh loss

One of the wrong thinking about weight loss is that you can lose more weight by skipping meals. While you might lose weight at first, your body will respond to further attempts to ‘starve’ it, by storing even more fat. Metabolism rates also decrease because of starvation type diets. But once your metabolism slows down, your fat burning rate will decline accordingly. Since it is important to take the food that your body needs for basic metabolism but at the same time, not eating much in case of excessive fat intake which leads to weight gain.

The best foods to eat to decrease your weight while increasing your health are fresh fruits and vegetables. Eating a lot of raw fruits and vegetables is healthy because they are chock full of vitamins and are low in calories. While some state that you burn more calories than you take in when you eat fruits and vegetables, which is actually not true. For instance, an average sized carrot contains 30 calories and it takes about an hour of chewing to burn 30 calories. Digesting raw fruits and vegetables burns many calories as well. Replace your sugary sodas and specialty coffees with lots and lots of water. If you just cannot stand the idea of boring water, try adding a little lemon juice to flavor it. Hundreds of calories a day can be spared by just this little trick alone.

The foremost important point in weight loss is to have patience and perseverance. Countless people who try to lose weight fail on this point. Most are so desperate that they want to lose all their fat in just one day. But the fact is that it takes long time for the fat to accumulate and it takes longer for you to get rid of it. Speedy weight loss can only lead to failure. Even if you have found yourself lighter at some point in this process, that is only an illusion which cannot lasts long.Shortly after, your weight will bounce back and you are the same fat you.

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