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Effective ways to lose belly fat

Frequent massage on the abdomen
If the skin is dry and not very sensitive, it is best to exfoliate the skin once a week. Go along with some slimming products, reasonable diet and proper exercise.

Keep the tensive state of abdomen
If you want to keep the abdomen in tensive state, you can do some simple movements, such as picking up a book and sit-ups. Keep in mind that you should tighten up your abdomen, hold your head up high. If you keep the good position every day, you will be able to lose the fat on you belly easily.

Abdomen is divided into the waist, upper abdomen, lower abdomen, The fat on the accumulates for different reasons. Eating too much: if the body metabolism rate reduces and there is not adequate exercise and too much intake of sweet food or all kinds of sweetened beverages, then it is very easy for the fta to accumulate in the abdomen. Therefore, at ordinary times, you should take more honey, fruit and vegetables and less sweet food. Have good control over the quantity of heat and sugar intake.

Fat belly: If you have a fatter belly than your peer groups, then it is probably because that you sit for long and even sit in the same place for meals. You are so busy that you always froget to drink water so there is not enough water intake to help the body discharge the toxins in the body\. You will have constipation easily. All these thing have contributed to your belly fat.So what we need to do is to complement more water, eat more healthy food that help the boy to discharge toxins. At the same time, pay attention to the proper exercise.

Pail waist is mainly caused by greediness for food, so controlling calorie intake is very cruicial. Eat less food that has high quantity of heat and avoid gluttony. Chew for a longer time when eating in order to increase the feeling of fullness in the stomach, thus reducing the food intake.

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