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Why going on a diet doesn't work?

Actually alsmost everyone who wants to go on a diet to lose weight is wasting their time, effort, energy and money, especially in long term. Going on a diet for weight loss can even have severe health problems and it can damage your metabolism , the body's natural fat burning engine. It needs to be fuelled correctly throughout the day.

Dieting is like a game and a boring one. Everyone cheats; people are always trying to get to the end. You're doing something you don't want to do and you plan to quit. It's a waste of time to play this game.When a diet eventually ends it is a sad thing. Most people binge on foods. When the diet breaks, the calories flow. This is why dieting seems so hard.

Starving yourself of the calories your body needs will ruin all chances of losing weight for good because your metabolism adjusts and slows down as you reach the dieting plateau. that awful moment when your body starts to actually use less calories in order to survive on the tiny amount you're taking in. Not only do you stop losing fat but other things suffer instead. The truth is, we need a certain amount of fat in what we eat, and not eating any doesn't mean that we can't gain any weight because our bodies manufacture fat from everything else that we eat. Let's face it, there's not a whole lot of fat in beer and wine but drink enough of either and you will soon see your weight soar.

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