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Three golden points of weight loss in the legs

1, knees
The knees are the most conspicuous place when you are wearing a mini-skirt, especially the saggy muscles above the knees.
If there are redundant fat, the legs will appear to be short and thick, so we must tighten it here. A lot of people think they have natural kaschin-beck, which in fact is a kind of misunderstanding. The majority of people look fat because of andadipose accumulation caused by knee joint dislocation.

2, ankles
No matter how long and slender your thighs calves are , they will look very fat if the ankles are not tightened. Ankle weight is not determined by the bone. The ankle part is not so easy for adipose accumulation , but due to lack of exercise, plus swelling and other reasons, the ankles will have adipose accumulation after a long time.

3, leg abdomen
If the fattest part of the calf is higher, the legs will appear longer. If we can let the legs appear longer, they will look slimmer. The most important point to let the legs look longer in the position of the fattest part of the calf. If the position is high , the legs will magically appear longer.

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