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Taboos in winter diets

Avoid gluttony
Intake of excessive heat will make fat accumulate and cause obesity.

Avoid spicy eat cold food.
The food with spicy smell of food, have the function of scattering, it is advisable to eat celery. Due to the temperature drop in autumn, physiological metabolism changes as well. Pay special attention not to have cold food which may cause indigestion in intestines and stomach, causing all kinds of digestive tract diseases.

Avoid dry food
The recurrence or aggravation of many chronic respiratory diseases often begins in winter. It is better to avoid dry food in health maintaining concern.

Avoid greasy and fried food
Fried food doesn't digest easily and will accumulate in the stomach, aggravating the stagnant heat, which is adverse to the water supplement. Many chronic respiratory diseases recurs or aggravates in this season.

Avoid aquatic plants
Most of the aquatic plants get ripe in the autumn when there are the most polycystic larva. The aquatic plants easily get infected, leading to intestinal mucosal inflammation, bleeding, edema, ulcer, diarrhea, loss of appetite, children's face edema, retardation and mental impairment. If the case is serious, there might be death.

Avoid the food which is not in safety period
Some food may have good effects on the health, but it is not advisable to have them when they are out of the safety period.

Avoid blind control over diet
Autumn is the season when people tend to get fat. Some who fear being fat will eat only fruits and vegetables in order to control their weight, which is improper.

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