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Six kinds of psychological therapy against aging

Confiding is a relief of your emotions. a kind of psychological adjustment for yourself. The heavy pressure inside will harm your health if it is suppressed for too long. Timely confiding to your relatives, friends, colleagues, psychological doctors or the psychological hotlines can help relieve your mentality and heal your wound.

Cry can alleviate the mental burden and tension. Crying can protect your eyes from violation of all kinds of smokes and poisonous gases, and at the same time, there are certain beautification effects. Scientists have proved this through the experiments. They think that crying is beneficial to eliminating skin wrinkles and retaining the youthful vigor. Investigations indicate that women who cry more often look younger than those who rarely cry.

Having Sex
Researches show that: sex is a kind of miraculous beauty therapy. During this process, women will have pupil amplification, cheered-up mood and bigger breasts and the pectoral muscles supporting the breasts will be slightly tremble. The nostrils will widen which can make them do deep breathing thus the blood circulation will be accelerated.

Indulgence in old frustration will make people lost in pain. Forgetting is a kind of cheering up, is a kind of maturity and a kind of relief. Therefore, everyone should actively forget the pain and sufferings that has happened in life, clear the spiritual undercurrent, face the forthcoming tests bravely, fully enjoy the fun and beauty of life.

Being Tolerant
Tolerance is the magic weapon to eliminate barriers and smoothen communication. When people live in the society, there are inevitably contradictions, troubles, negative emotions or hatred. After being misunderstood or hurt, your instinctive reaction is revenge. However, revenge can vent anger but will lead to acute contradiction. Therefore, in our life , we should avoid getting in troubles,be tolerant so as to reduce the psychological pessimum stimulation, which is beneficial to the physical and mental health.

Being Optimistic
Optimism is one good psychological characteristics. It can help dispel all the pain and troubles and give a person the courage, confidence and strength. Medical scientists think that pleasant mood is beneficial to the normal secretion of hormones in the human body, adjustment of the excitement of brain cells and blood circulation. Therefore, we should face our gains and losses with a good attitude and find ways to maintain our happiness.

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