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Practicing suppressing urine

Excessive activity disease of the bladder is usually with the symptoms of urgent urination, urinary frequency, nocturia and urge incontinence. In the daily life, we should pay attention to control urination.

When there comes the urgency of urination, don't immediately rush into the toilet, hold in for a short while, till the feeling of urination abates. No matter whether you need or not, it is the best to urinate once per hour and then gradually increase the time interval until you can suppress the urine till 3 ~ 4 hours.

When there is micturition urge, one should relax first, transfer the attention to other physical senses, such as doing deep breaths slowly for 5 ~ 10 times. This kind of practice can interfere with the urination information that the brain transmits. Then massage the pelvic floor muscles quickly and effectively for 5 ~ 10 times and the urgency will abate.

During urination, try constantly stoping and releasing the urine to practice the sphincter. Contract the muscle for 3 seconds, then relax for 3 seconds. We can also practice our pelvic floor muscles based on this, which is contracting for 3 seconds and relaxing the anus for 3 seconds, repeat this movement for 10 times.

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