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Points to be noted in yang nourishing in summer

1.Eat the hot food before the cold food.
If there is both cold and hot food, you'd better eat the hot food before the cold food to avoid harm that the cold brings to the uterus.

2. Don't eat too much cold food
In summer, it's inevitable to have some cold food and icy drinks. But whether it is the watermelon under normal temperature or the beverages that has just been taken out of the fridge, should be eaten in a limited amount. People who have excessive heat in the body can eat more but women who are in menstruation can never eat things which are too cold.

3. A cup of ginger tea before meal
Before the meal, one can drink a cup of ginger tea. Cut a piece of fresh ginger, brew with boiled water. It can help clear the coldness in the food.

4. Balance cold and hot food in the meal
Pay attention to reasonable combing of the food, avoid too much hot food or cold food to keep the balance of food attribute. If you want to cook crab, clam, balsam pear and cucumber, you can use wine, vinegar and garlic to go with them.

5. Have some cooked food to go with raw food
When having hot pot , one had better have some pears and watermelons ato go with it.

6. Choose reasonable cooking methods
Cooking methods can change the original properties of the food. For example, white turnip, when it is raw, it is cold, but when it is cooked, it is hot in property.

7. Try to eat the integration
The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, each part of the food also divides into Yin and Yang. So it is is better to eat the whole stuff.

8. Clearing the heat with heat
The temperature in summer is close to that of the human body. The main cooling way for the people is through sweat evaporation, using heat to remove heat is a good health preservation method.

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