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People with what professions easily gets fat?

You may always complain about being too fat. Perhaps this is closely related with your career. according to a new survey conducted by the famous American job site "professional shapers", travel agency employees, lawyers and judges, are most easy to get fat. Other easy "weight gainers" include: social worker, teacher, artist, administrative assistant, doctor, police officer, firefighter, driver, marketing/public relation personnel and information technology personnel.

The study found that, being busy doesn't necessarily make people thin, on the contrary, 40% of the people will become fatter because of the current work. More than 20% of the people will gain at least 4.5 kg's weight and 14% at least 9 kg. 44% of the people sit at the desk all day long and never leave even for meals.
However, the professions leading to fat gaining differ between Chinese and American. The domestic surveys found that driver, IT worker, company staff, civil servant, teacher, doctor, etc are easy to get fat as these professions need to sit for a long time and the work pressure is great. Many people can't understand why the weight is still gaining when one is as busy as a bee. Professor Luo Bangyao says, in addition to the genes which may lead to getting fat, people with high working pressure may have sugary drinks and snacks more to ease the pressure and the work stress can affect their normal secretion of neural endocrine, such as stress hormone cortisol, which will make people fat.

Professor Luo Bangyao has given 3 suggestions:
First, pay attention to proper rest after work; second, drink less sugary beverage, control diet and exercise more; Third,have regular living habits,avoid staying up late.

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