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Love picking your nose? Caution erysipelas infection!

Recently Miss Li has got some redness and swelling one her face. Af first she thinks that it is herpes zoster. Yet after a few day's medicine the condition is not getting any better. A few days later, she gets a fever at 38 ℃. After some further checks, she is diagnosed with staphylococcus infection, which has caused facial st. Anthony's fire attack. It turns out that Miss Li has the habit of picking her nose. The occurrence of erysipelas is due to skin mucosa damage and the invasion of bacteria.
In Chinese medicine, St. Anthony's fireis due to the invasion of excessive heat and humidity. In the weather of high temperature, people are particularly vulnerable to skin tinea bacteria infection. St. Anthony's fire can happen at any place, commonly seen on the leg, face, scalp and the abdomen part of baby. Clinical occurrences are mostly on calf, especially for those who suffer from tinea pedis, followed by the face and people who frequently pick their nose. After a few days' treatment , skin rashes will no longer expand and the temperature will also gradually decline. Yet for some critically-ill patients, due to the spreading of bacteria and effects of toxins, nephritis, myocarditis and other serious consequences will happen to them.
So it is important for us to keep the hygiene of our nose. If you have the habit of picking your nose every now and then. Try to revise this habit in case any disease visits you.

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