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Habits that shorten your life expectancy

Long life expectancy depends on a healthy way of living. Smoking and excess food and drinks can imperceptibly reduce people's life expectancy. Recently, an American web site has summarized 10 kinds of bad habits which will shorten one's life expectancy.

1. Smoking
The average life expectancy of smokers is 14 years less than that of those who don't smoke. What's more, smoking will at the same timereduce the quality of life, causing insomnia, shortness of breath and over-excitement.

2. Dangerous driving or driving without seat belt
Dangerous driving or driving without seat belt regardless of the consequences is one of the leading causes of young men's accidental death and one of the main reasons of accidental death of the elderly.

3. Lack of excercises
"Couch potatoes" who stay in front of the screen watching TV for long will have 9 years less of life expectancy. Lack of exercise will cause tiring body, multiplied pressure and sleep difficulties.

4. Insufficeirnt fruit and vegetable intake
Fruit and vegetables can not only keep you healthy, but also repair some of the damages cause by aging. Eat more fruits and vegetables can reverse the body aging process.

5.High pressure
Chronic stress can cause harmful stress hormone which will sustainably damage body organizations. One should learn to do yoga or other relaxing skills.

6. Finding aging unacceptable
Aging can make a person depressed, and even blame the god's injustice. Negative attitude toward aging will shorten the life expectancy by 7 years.

7.Avoid disease screening
If one doesn't accept the physical checks such as breast X-ray examination, skin cancer screening, it is easy to delay the early diagnosis and treatment and miss the the key period of treatment.

Eating disorders can shorten life expectancy. 70% fullness helps to enhance one's life span.

9. Life without a goal or faith
People who live with a target and faith tend to have longer life expectancy, lower blood pressure and better immune system.

10. Life without a friend or spouse
If one does not have any relationship with others (such as in marriage, etc.), life will shorten.

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