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Five kinds of people can't do teeth anaplasty

1. People who are with acute infectious diseases, such as acute hepatitis and tuberculosis . For his kind of people, they should wait until their health condition get improved and stable before they can go to the hospital for dental surgery.

2. People who are with hemorrhagic diseases, such as thrombocytopenia and leukemia have poor blood clotting mechanism , so it is easy for them to have more bleeding during the dental surgery .

3. People whose oral local &soft tissue inflammation is in the acute phase should wait till the acute phase passes before the dental surgery in case of aggravation of local inflammation or the inflammation spreading or diffusion.

4. People who have malignant tumor in the gum are unfavorable to accept conventional dental surgery for fear of local diffusion of the tumor and further spreading and diffusion.

5. People who are with unstable angina pectoris, who have occurrence of myocardial infarction in half a year and who fail to effectively control their hypertension and heart failure are unfavorable to accept conventional dental surgery.

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