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Caution vitamin poison

What is vitamin poisoning?
Vitamin poisoning refers to the toxic symptoms caused by overdose of vitamin. These symptoms can be light or heavy, such as excessive amounts of vitamin A will cause sleepiness and vomiting. Vitamin is the essential nutrients for human body growth and development. It is the trace nutrients existing in the human body whose effect is very big. The human body's demand for vitamins is limited, excessive vitamin can not be metabolize fully and accumulate in the body, causing health problems.

What can Vitamin overdose lead to ?
Many foods such as carrot, tomato, corn, green leafy vegetables, animal liver, egg and cream are rich in vitamin A which can play the role of improving vision, promoting growth , and enhancing immunity, but overdose can lead to loss of appetite, hair loss, joint pain. If pregnant women overdose vitamin A, it may cause miscarriage.

Vitamin B overdose will cause rashes on the face, skin itchings and some stomach diseases. If the case is serious, oral cavity ulcer and liver damages may be induced.

Proper amount of vitamin C can prevent cold, cancer and has certain effects on lowering blood pressure, which is our the commonest vitamin that we hear in our daily life.A lot of food, drinks will add vitamin C as a means of publicity, but implementing a large amount of vitamin C for a long time can lead to urinary calculi. For the pregnant women , their children may suffer from scurvy.

Vitamin D, it is a kind of vitamin that the body can synthesize itself through sun basking, which has great enhancement effect for the calcium absorption. It is also one of the vitamins that easily cause poison. The poisoning symptoms are muscle debility , proteinuria, elevated blood pressure and cardiac arrhythmias.

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